Feel like you have invested a ton of time in your biz, but you are getting no where?

You are spending tons of time posting on social media, marketing your biz, but you are not seeing the results you were looking for?

You are seeing a few wins, but you need to see some consistency to make this work for you?


• You have been DIYing your brand, you have done everything you can possible think of, but you are still unsure what your brand is or how it can effect your bottom line.

• You are exhausted, burnout, and in constant freakin’ hustle mode every damn day trying to find your next client.

• You are afraid if you take one day off your biz will crumble and fall.

• You resist sharing your genius through new content, and playing a bigger game, because you don’t think your brand truly represents YOU.

• You are afraid to up your prices, or charge your worth because you are not confident people will pay.

• Your dream clients don’t even know your biz even exists.

Deep down you know you have what it takes to be successful, but something is missing.

Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels, and dive deep to really get to the core of your business and build a solid foundation that will create the success you are looking for?


I'M Crystal

I believe that in order to have a successful design it needs to be supported with good strategy.

Branding, is not all about having a logo and pretty pictures.

In the past, I thought it would be easier to just skip the foundation work. Boy, was I wrong. I spent years, chasing down clients, spending every free minute of my week working, and seeing little to no money coming in.

What I did have was strong determination, persistence and a drive. I promised myself that no matter how hard it got, I would never give up.

In the past, i lacked confidence, and was stuck in fear town. I knew what i wanted but, i was unsure how to get there, unsure what was unqiue about me. It wasn't until I got the help that I realized how to excel in my business.

I grew up and was told to save, save, save. So, I pinched every penny, and was terrified to invest in myself. Day in and day out, I would see these programs, and my heart would tell me you should do this, but my fear would tell me to save my money.

FINALLY... one day I was fed up with all the hard work i was putting in and getting nowhere. I knew deep down inside I was meant for more. I realized that if I continued to take it all on myself I would never progress. I would never progress to the level I wanted. The level that would allow me to be more present for my family. I decided, I didn't want to cringe (or even worse, cry) when it came to paying the bills.

I took a leap of FAITH, I invested in a program that gave me all the tools to build a solid foundation, this way the marketing became much EASIER.

I became LASER FOCUSED on what I needed to day in and day out to stay focused, and gain the freedom I desired.

Are you ready to have a brand you confidently can market to the world, and create the success you desire?

Do you crave the support to kick the excuses to the side, dive deep and create a strategic brand, that excites you?

How would it feel to create the success that allows you to do what you want, when you want?

Build a Solid Foundation that stands out from the crowd

Its time to pull back the curtain and gain clarity and take your business to the NEXT level.

DON'T STRESS! That's what I am here for. You will be supported all the way thru the process.


Build a brand that is Unique and attracts your dream clients Consistently

I work with women to create a consistent, UNIQUE and immediately recognizable brand presence so every second you put into your marketing & social media helps to build a community of dream clients.


PAY IN FULL $7,000 OR 4 PAYMENTS OF $1,800

now... the breakdown for our time together

Right away you will receive all the support you need, to have a major brand breakthrough and attract paying clients with ease.

week 1

• Get super clear on your “why” and the legacy you want to leave.

• Learn how to share your passion in a way that excites your potential clients, and has them asking how they can work with you.

• Understand how your story can be used to attract more clients.

• Gain exceptional confidence and clarity in your vision.

Build a Solid Foundation that stands out from the crowd

week 2

• Get laser focused on who you desire to work with and what will attract them to what you have to offer.

• Get to know your ideal client like the back of your hand, and speak to them in ways that excited them to work with you.

• Learn to make market research a consistent part of your business to understand what your client TRULY needs.

Nail down your Target Audience to attract leads consistently 

week 3

• Define what makes you UNIQUE, and showcase it, so that you can build a community of raving fans.

• Develop a style that your clients begin to recognize, so you can begin to develop a stronger relationship with them.

• Feel confident and clear on your mission, and desire you want to make.

• Confidently own your voice to build a community of raving fans that are chopping at the bit to work with you.

Uncover your unique-thang, find your voice and learn to share it like a boss

week 4

• Develop a clear and concise message, so your clients immediately understand how you can help them.

• Learn how to tell your story, so that you don’t get lost in the crowd.

• Get to know the struggles of your ideal client, and present them in a way that leaves them feeling like you get them.

• Learn how to make the necessary tweaks in your biz, without consistently changing direction, so that you can create a consistent message that attracts clients frequently with less work.

Translate Your vision into the real deal with consistent messaging, and steady paydays

week 5

• Gain clarity and structure your services in a simple and effective way, that your clients can’t help but to love.

• Develop an irresistible lead magnet that consistently grows your email list with raving fans.

• Learn to price your packages in a way that feels great to you and allows you to hit your financial goals each month.

Packaging & Pricing Your services so you can create the success you desire


PAY IN FULL $7,000 OR 4 PAYMENTS OF $1,800

Now let's break it down so you know what we will create together, so that after we are done you will have clients lined up around the corner to work with you!!!

• Downloadable Workbook Each Week
• Video Tutorial Each Week
• 60 Minute 1:1 Call to discuss each lesson

• Primary Logo Design
• Secondary Logo Design
• Color Palette Selection
• Font Selection
• Pattern Selection

• Business Card Design
• 3 Marketing Materials

• Templates for everyday posts
• Cover Art

• Covers all the do’s and don’t for your brand

• Strategy + Planning
• Custom, One-of-a-King Responsive Design for 7 pages
• Image editing + Resizing
• Copy Templates for text
• Testing Site on Common Devices
• Domain Set-Up
• Personal Tutorial Video for Minor site updates


PAY IN FULL $7,000 OR 4 PAYMENTS OF $1,800

The real difference lies with in  the details

You will be working 1:1 with me during the entire process. We will peel back the layers and work thru each piece so you begin to gain clarity with each and every step along the way.

With my 10 plus years in design and marketing and also my passion for business you will get a well-rounded approach so we can be sure to cover it all.

I will see you through the design process from beginning to end — and beyond. Through a detailed Brand Style Guide and a personalized Web Design Training Video, I will help you take your business to the next level with clarity and confidence.

who doesn't love bonuses?

as if that wasn't alot already...


Bonus 1

After our time together, new projects, and items will come up, so I want to set you up with some tools, so that you can easily and effortlessly create some of this work on your own, while still staying on brand.

• This is an online workshop so you can watch it as many times as you would like.

• You will receive a social media cheatsheet, so you know what sizes your art needs to be for each platform.

• You will learn to create your own branded graphics for your social media channel, blog posts, launches and more.

• This will save money and time on creating your own graphics and templates for new posts and projects that come up.

Learn to design your own brand graphics

Bonus 2

After our time together, new projects, and items will come up, so I want to set you up with some tools, so that you can easily and effortlessly create some of this work on your own, while still staying on brand.

• This is an online workshop so you can watch it as many times as you would like.

• You will receive a social media cheatsheet, so you know what sizes your art needs to be for each platform.

• You will learn to create your own branded graphics for your social media channel, blog posts, launches and more.

• This will save money and time on creating your own graphics and templates for new posts and projects that come up.

Branded Templates for InstaGram stories

Bonus 3

Did you know copy is a super important part of your brand? Oh, no, not a good copywriter? Don't get scared, I am not a great at copy writing either.  You do NOT have to be in order to write copy for your own website. You just need a guide, a structure and some tips along the way.

This PDF will break down your website page by page with sections, prompts, ideas and questions, so you can fill in each of the areas and have your website written in no time.

Step-by-step guide on how to structure your copy for your website

Bonus 4

As a bonus, I am automatically enrolling you in my VIP membership.

• After we have built a solid brand foundation I would hate to see you have to track down another designer to do some one-off projects. So, to save you time and money, you will receive 15% off for the entire life of your business.

• Plus, 15% off any future courses or products of mine you would like to take part in.

• Unlimited email access to me during our time together (I respond within 24 hours or less, during the week)

vip exclusive membership

Need a little Nudge?

Unsure if this is for you?

Building our own business is hard as shit! But, many of us make it harder then it is because we think we can do it all ourselves. TRUST ME, I wasted years trying to DIY everything.

The sad thing is, I was in the same spot years later. WHY? Because, we need the extra push, we need an expert to talk to, so they can guide us along our journey.

• A female entrepreneur

• Looking to transform your business from stalled to unstoppable

• Ready to let go of the fear and all the bullshit excuses you have been telling yourself, and do what it takes to makes your dreams a reality.

• Looking to create a brand that allows you to up your game, and charge what you desire.

• Excited to gain clarity, so that you can structure your brand in a way that has your customers are lined up and ready to work with you.

• Looking to a professional looking brand, but you have never done the foundation work.

Then I invite you to join me in this amazing opportunity.

Most designers offer a questionnaire, and then build your design elements based off the answers you provide for $2K-$5K. Where here I will be working with you 1:1. We will work on all the foundational pieces, so that you can be sure you have a solid foundation that allows you to stand out from the rest. Then, I will add a beautiful, unique design, so that you can confidently share it with the world.

Without diving deep into the strategy, you will have a nice looking brand, but no foundational roots to build your business on.

Many designers will include little to NO 1:1 support, which leaves you feeling on edge and out of the loop.

I am offering you a chance to gain clarity, strategy and design all in one swoop.

Frequently asked questions

I pride myself in offering a super seamless experience, from beginning to end. Most experiences are 4-16 weeks and are contingent upon your timely communication along the way.

Yes, I do! Your payment plan timeline is independent of your Experience timeline. I usually take a 50% when we sign the contract, 25% 45 days in and 25% when the projected is finished. 

As much as I would love to offer a la carte, in my past experience doing one off designs can sometimes hurt your brand, because it tends to fall apart with each designer. Currently, I am only working on small projects for past clients.

You can, if you'd like! However, you'll come away with a brand book that breaks down all the dos and don’ts of your brand and a personalized Training Video to guide you through managing, updating, maintaining your Web Design as desired.

Of course! Professional branding and web design can serve as a wonderful foundation for new business owners. We would be so honored to serve you as you begin your business journey!

HELLLZ Yes! My Experiences includes one-of-a-kind Logo Design, Stationery Design, and Web Design. I am excited to create a completely unique design, reflective of your unique goals.

I have structured my packages to be set up more like a one-stop shop. No need to work with a brand strategist or business coach to work on the foundational pieces and then try to translate it to your designer and cross your fingers that it all comes out as planned. We will work together to build all the foundational pieces and then top it off with a badass website, then will standout from others in your industry.

After we work through your foundational pieces we will decide if your site should be built in Squarespace or Showit. Each platform is user-friendly, mobile-friendly, responsive, and one-of-a-kind. (The sky's the limit!)

All good! When we hop on a consultation call we'll go over exactly what's needed during your project. This package is a great starting point, but often clients will need some additional support. 

As we work through the foundational sections we discuss what is needed. I'll send over an estimate for anything beyond the regular scope.

If anything comes up during the project as an add-on (or something we hadn't initially thought about including), we can always adjust the scope and timeline as needed.

But, I usually do a great job of staying within the original scope. So don’t worry.

From time to time I do work with clients solely on their websites. However, with any project I take on there will be some element of brand work involved.

Feel free to get in touch with me and we'll figure out the best approach.

Client love


It has been a pleasure knowing Crystal for the last 8 years. After a fluke meeting due to the military we have encountered many obstacles together. No matter what challenge she is presented with she always comes out on top. She is passionate, trustworthy and hardworking. I have watched first hand her career blossom with success and would recommend her work to all stating confidently she is one of the best in the business.” 

~Kelly StrybuC

Crystal is very organized and professional.  She is determined to get the end product exactly how you want and is a great communicator.  She captured the essence of my business perfectly with the logo she created for me.  It couldn't be more perfect!  I'm very excited I found Crystal and I was able to reap the rewards of her creativity.”

~Michelle Killmon

In the past, I've had a hard time justifying with working with a designer to come up with a logo I couldn't make concrete on my own because I worried it would be a waste of time and investment. But working with Crystal has changed that. I know that I just needed the right designer to make it a reality for me. After going back and forth together on identifying with what was best for my business, Crystal has created a logo that truly represents my business and I'm proud to now have my new website designed completely around what she's created.”

~Meaghan Corson

I want to thank you for taking time to know me and really capturing my vision for what I wanted. Having worked with previous designers who just asked me my color choices, I was really shocked that you actually wanted to see what I envisioned to create a one of a kind logo for my boutique! The attention to detail you have along with the one on one customer experience IS AMAZING!!

~Lupee Beauchamp

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Crystal Sullivan during this past year. One of the things I enjoyed about Crystal is that she really listened to what I had to say about my business. After being such an attentive listener, Crystal then was able to give me insight into what I was doing wrong. She applied a lot of her skills into the problems I was having and brainstormed with me some ideas I could then apply towards my business.

~Sheryl Wolfgram