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Get Killer Graphic Designs PLUS a Strategy to Promote and Grow Big

As a fellow female entrepreneur like you, I want to make a difference in people’s lives. But like you, I can remember the time when I knew I was supposed to make my mark but wasn’t exactly sure how to get noticed or what to do next.

As women, we tend to be hard on ourselves. We have a lot of negative chatter inside our heads about what we can and can’t do. And worse yet, instead of using others for inspiration, we imitate them and don’t let our UNIQUE selves shine. 

It’s time to stop constantly comparing yourself and holding back, and instead gain the confidence to stand out and become unstoppable you.

Beyond simple design, I believe that a brand should tell a story. 

From the moment you connect visually to the experience you have with the words and the web design, it needs to speak to your audience. By pulling together each of these elements and giving you the tools and strategy to promote, you’ll be confident and ready to stand out. 

Whether looking for a brand refresh, just starting out, my mission is to show you how get your head wrapped around this branding thing and gain the confidence to promote and grow big.


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When You Have Brand Confidence, You Become Unstoppable.

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I’m deeply committed to listening to your needs and helping you discover what YOU need to do to stand out.

If you’re here, you probably know that you need to have a strong brand message to grow your business but – how do you get there? 

Do you struggle with figuring out what logo, patterns or designs really matter to your ideal clients?

Are you sick of trying so hard – wanting to grow your tribe of engaged fans, but you can’t seem to get anyone on board – not even your mom (ok, well, maybe your mom)?

Are you feeling like all the effort you’ve put into social media trying to get noticed isn’t worth it?

Have you not achieved the traction you hoped you would?

I understand how hard it can be to find your unique brand message and grow your passion. I’ve been right where you are, stumbling around and hoping something will land. 

You don’t have to try so hard, I can help! I work with ambitious female business owners to create an immediately recognizable brand presence that connects and helps you stand out among the competition. 

How does a one-time MLM queen become a brand strategist and graphic design artist? 

I’ve always been a creative, but like so many of my clients, I didn’t think I had the courage, strength or confidence to own my own biz. But, that all changed when I was introduced to great product and joined the MLM world. 

Within months, I saw how far you could go if you put your energy and the right effort into building your brand. I built up a successful business over 3 years – increasing in the ranks and supporting my family – but, the problem was that I knew there had to be more in store for me. 

So, with the support of a coach who asked me to take a closer look at what I really loved, I recognized that I was passionate about helping other women grow their business, gain the confidence and inspire them to go to the next level.

With a background in Branding, Design and Marketing and 10+ years working in corporate America, I realized I already had the toolbox to do that. 

Using what I knew about building your own business with the skills I already had – it became clear.

I’m obsessed with your success and live, breathe and follow everything branding so you don’t have to be. Through brand strategy, unparalleled design and the tools to share your passion in a stand out website and social medial, I help women like you confidently showcase your brand and live their dream life!

I’d love to talk to you about helping you get started on your journey!

A few words about my journey. . .

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My hubby was in the military for almost 10 years, and is now continuing his dream of helping others thru the life of a police officer. At times it can be challenging, but I love to support him in all his crazy endeavors. 

Military wife /Cop Wife

These two are the best thing that ever happen to me. While they may drive me crazy at times, I can’t imagine my life without them, and they drive me be better each and every day.

Two wonderful kids

Growing up my mom liked to go to flea markets, and now I continue the legacy on. I love to find unique items for my home, that not many others will have. It is so much fun. This way my home is unique to me and my family.

Antique Obsession

While nutrition is a struggle for me, I love to workout. I may struggle to get my workout in, but when I do it is the best feeling of accomplishment. I also think running a biz and fitness have a lot in common.

Fitness guru

Woman love their shoes, right?! Well, I love shoes but it is sneakers, not heels. Most woman would love a pair oh hot pink heels. I will take some nice wedge sneakers, maybe even in hot pink. If I could I would have an entire closet full of sneakers. I especially love to coordinate them with my outfits.

Sneaker Fanatic

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